Green Tomatoes, an evangelization outreach.
By Deacon Evan G Wittig

As long as you are green, you grow, but as soon as you think you are ripe,  you begin to get rotten.”  Let’s keep growing in our faith.

Welcome to Green Tomatoes!

 “It was in Antioch that disciples were first called Christians.”  A Christian is a disciple, a student who is always  learning.



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Check out teachings on the rosary, the Mass, and the Bible.

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Message Samples View - Download
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Homilies, teachings, meditations, poems, songs

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PRAYERS: Some of my favorite prayers

Communion Prayers by St Ignatius

PICTURES: Lighten up your day  


What’s happening now – Activities in the next 30 days …

I will visit Our Lady of Guadalupe in May.  I will be going to Medugorje in late June.