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The ACTS Core is a commission of 12 voting members, and several non-voting members, including an appointed Pastor’s Liaison and retreat leadership teams who are registered adult parishioners elected to serve their Parish community as the stewards of ACTS.

The Core Team includes the following individuals:

Facilitator: Jeff Wright (972)800-1095 jeffrey.d.wright@gmail.com
Co-Facilitator: Melissa Stack (210)381-9360 mdstack@satx.rr.com
Logistics Coordinator: Jorge Maldonado (210)541-8455 jmaldonado@psisatx.com
Communications Coordinator/Website: Sarah Garcia (808)499-9898 sgarcia.hdlr@gmail.com
Communications Coordinator/Secretary: Yolanda Solis (210)860-0099 yo1solis@att.net
Communications Coordinator/E-Blast: Genie Nunez (915)328-4540 knabriones@gmail.com
Music Coordinator: Hayley Hoelscher (281)216-0266 hayley.hoelscher@gmail.com
Financial Coordinator: Jessica Acevedo (210)913-0906 jessycoke@hotmail.com
Scott Villareal (210)883-5395 scott.villareal@sbcglobal.net
Brian Murphy (571)331-5374 murphybk9@gmail.com
Marco Chalaby (210)389-0629 machalaby3@gmail.com
Rick Manzo (210)771-5161 rick.manzo@yahoo.com