About Us


Men’s FAITH will serve the community by living and fulfilling the following pillars:

  • Fellowship: Brotherhood of men united to love and support one another, our families and community in the presence of God.
  • Action: Brotherhood of men who strengthen the community through evangelization and discipleship.
  • Intimacy: Brotherhood of men who provide spiritual, emotional and moral support on challenges related to everyday living.
  • Theology: Brotherhood of men dedicated to learning and practicing God’s word.
  • Holy Spirit: Brotherhood of men ignited by the Holy Spirit to live a God centered, meaningful, purposeful life of power, love and self-control.


  1. To organize and facilitate the Thursday Night informal Bible Study which includes fellowship, prayer, music, speakers and much more.
  2. Create a network of prayer and accountability partners to pray and support each other and other men who are in need.
  3. To help lead men to Christ … one heart at a time

Contact Info

Buz Lamoureux – buz@econtrols.com

Phillip Strauch – Philip.strauch3@gmail.com